Game On is pleased to announce an exciting promotion to save your team even more money. If you register 1 team then you pay the full registration fees. If you register 2 teams then you save 5% off your total registration fees. If you register 3 or more teams in the same season, in any of our sports leagues, you will receive 10% off your total registration fees. Discounts are applied only to regular team registration fees.

To qualify, at least one of your team roster players must be the same registered player as on the other team(s) that you register. Team names may change from sport-to-sport. Registration of teams may be made in any of our sports leagues but must be registered by the same person. In other words, your team may register for one soccer league, one volleyball league, and our flag football league. Registration fees must also be submitted, in full at the same time, by the registrant and team registrations must be for different nights.

Want to save even more money on your registration fees…then refer a friend or a group of friends to Game On. Game On’s “Referral Program” offers a Game On participant the opportunity to earn savings towards their registration fees. The “Referral Program” details are as follows:
$40 savings for each team referred to Game On’s leagues.
$5 savings for each individual referred to Game On’s leagues.
Referrals must be participants who have never played in Game On’s leagues before and anyone referring new participants must already be a Game On participant. Should a new team, individual, or small group join any of Game On’s leagues then you will be entitled to participate in the “Referral Program” the following season. Game On may end the “Referral Program” at anytime so be sure to earn your savings now.


FAQs regarding the “Referral Program”:

If a league does not run then you are not entitled to the referral dollars. However, if your referred friend decides to play in another sport during that season then you will still be entitled to that discount.

Game On will carry over any outstanding balance towards your next season’s registration fees. Game On will not pay out any balance and any outstanding balance must be used up by the following season in which you earned your referral dollars otherwise they will be lost.

While we certainly appreciate your support in communicating our league details to friends, family, or colleagues, only those referrals made at the time of registration qualify.

At least 80% of the players on a team must be new players to Game On. By “new” we mean someone who has never played in any of our leagues in the past.

If a new team is referred to Game On then you will receive a $40 discount per team. If you wish to earn the $5 per new individual registration, instead of $40 per team registration, then the individuals on that team must register as individuals. Registering as individuals does not guarantee that they will be placed on the same team.

No, unfortunately the “Referral Program” applies to individuals who have never played in Game On’s leagues before.