About Us

Established in 2009

Game On Sports and Entertainment is a year-round adult sports league in Guelph. We offer the greatest variety of sports, both indoor and outdoor, in Guelph. We are focused on having fun and emphasize sportsmanship and team play. Our goal is to foster a positive environment for all participants to engage in sports that they enjoy and to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Game On:
• offers more sports variety, at competitive prices
• focuses on you, the participant
• provides incentive for joining and playing
• donates a portion of participant fees to local & national charities

Fall and Winter sports include:

  • Basketball
  • Ball Hockey (Fall season only)
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag Football (Fall season only)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer 5 vs 5 Indoor
  • Soccer 7 vs 7 Outdoor (Fall season only)
  • Volleyball (4 vs. 4 & 6 vs. 6 leagues)

Spring and Summer sports include:

  • 3-Pitch Softball
  • Ball Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer 7 vs 7 Outdoor
  • Soccer 11 vs 11 Outdoor
  • Volleyball (4 vs. 4 & 6 vs. 6 leagues)

We look forward to having you join us!

Game On


Should you not be able to find the answer that you are looking for then we welcome you to contact us at info@gameonguelph.ca.

There are several things that Game On does to differentiate itself from other leagues. Our
focus is on providing you, the participant, a fun experience with a high level of service. We
want to ensure that your participation is focused solely on playing the game you signed up for, with Game On providing the rest of the service that you are paying for.

Each game will have the fields set-up prior to your game, so that no set-up is required by any
player or team, and no responsibility of damaged or lost equipment is shouldered by anyone
other than Game On. Likewise, tear-down after each night is the responsibility of Game On,
not the participants.

Game On will also be providing league conveners or game officials to be present should any
issues arise, and these are the same people who will receive final scores to the games. As
such, there is no requirement of any team to submit their own scores to Game On the
following day. As well, Game On is making every attempt possible to have more games
officiated by referees or umpires.

Sports that consist of two (2) games per night will typically be played back-to-back. We will
make the effort to minimize wait times for teams between games.

While all sports are competitively priced, Game On is also contributing a portion of all
participation fees to a local or national charity. We will be doing this all year, every year. We
feel that giving back to our community is important.

In an effort to provide the participants to play throughout the year, Game On offers sports to
be played year-round, both indoor and outdoor. We also offer the greatest variety of sporting
events in the Guelph area.

Finally, because this is a league for our participants, we will be providing incentive for players
to join and to continue playing. While we cannot go into further detail, you will just have to
join to know what we mean by this!

Yes, Game On does have a refund policy. Should you decide, two weeks prior to the start of
your sport, that you can no longer participate, then Game On will refund your entire amount,
less an administrative charge of six dollars ($6). However, if a request is made with less than
two weeks prior to the start of your regularly scheduled game then we are unable to provide a refund, as we finalize all schedules, teams and field requirements within this timeframe.

Likewise, if you, or your team, is unable to participate within 2 weeks prior to the start date then full registration fees are still due, in full, unless we are able to find a replacement for your spot.

Up until half-way through the season, and at anytime before the season starts, should you
injure yourself and be unable to play, or to continue playing, we will refund the unused
portion, less our administrative charge of six dollars ($6), provided that a medical note is
supplied. After the half-way point of the season, we are unable to issue a refund.  We do not issue refunds for missing games due to holiday conflicts, work schedule conflicts, general malaise, disinterest in the sport, not enjoying playing with your teammates, or illnesses.

Game On does not refund for any games lost due to opponent forfeitures, inclement weather cancellations or other cancellations that are out of our control. Rest assured, however, that Game On will make every attempt to re-schedule games should the latter two cause a cancellation in your game. We cannot guarantee that games will be re-scheduled but we will certainly make the effort as we understand its importance.

Our regular office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. However, as our sports leagues
are typically run throughout the evenings from Monday to Friday, and on weekends, a league convener will be present to help answer your question or concern. Should they not be able to assist you, your information will be forwarded to our office and you will be contacted the next business day. Alternatively we welcome you to email us at info@gameonguelph.ca.

You will receive a schedule approximately 2-3 days before your league begins. We send out
emails to all participants within a league, provided we have your email address, which outlines information about the league, details about the facility, and the schedule. We will also post schedules on-line around the same timeframe.

We regret that we are unable to hold spots for anyone and we are unable to accept deposits to hold spots. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve. Registering with Game On is a legally-binding contract and payment is required for all registrations. Provided there is still space left in a league at the time of your registration then you are considered registered. Remember that there are limited team spaces available for each sport.

Currently we accept payment by cheque, cash, e-transfer or PayPal with your registration
form. Mail cheque, made payable to “Game On Sports & Entertainment”, and registration form, to:
Game On Sports & Entertainment
998 Edinburgh Road South
Guelph, ON
N1G 5H2

If you wish to pay by cash, please ensure that you contact us beforehand so that we can be
available to accept cash directly from you. Please do not mail cash as this is extremely risky.
You may also pay electronically via e-transfer or PayPal to payment@gameonguelph.ca. When paying by PayPal, please note that any additional charges that you incur are charges from PayPal, not Game On, for using their services.

All of our leagues are first-come, first-serve. We strongly encourage that you sign up as early
as you can to ensure your place. The official deadlines for each sport are posted on our
website. This deadline allows us to finalize the schedule and to ensure that all necessary fields are in place. Leagues may fill-up prior to the registration deadline date.

No. Our “members” are anyone who has played in our leagues or has requested to be put on
our mailing list. In order to participate in any sporting event you must register. In order to
participate in any special events you must have played in at least one sports league for that
calendar year.

No. At Game On, you “pay as you play”. There is no charge to be put on our mailing list or to
check out our website. If you want to play in a league, then you just have to pay the
applicable registration fee.

Not at all. Our sports leagues are meant to be recreational and fairly laid back unless
otherwise noted as an Intermediate or Competitive League.

Yes. We will register individuals, small groups, or teams. Please keep in mind that each sports
league requires full teams to compete. You will be placed on a waiting list and will be placed
on a team assuming that other individuals or small groups have also registered for the same
sport, and that the correct male/female ratio for that sport is met. Should our efforts to place
you on a team not be successful then you will receive a full refund or we will cancel your
electronic payment if it has not yet been accepted on our end. We do not issue refunds on
any cancellation charges you incur via PayPal or e-transfer so please either ensure that your
method of payment does not have a charge for cancelled payments or that you are willing to
accept these charges prior to making them to us.

Please send us an email at info@gameonguelph.ca and get on the mailing list so that you are notified in advance of the next season starting.

Our suggestion would be to register as a Small Group or to pull together enough friends to form a full team.  Only one individual is required to register as a Small Group or Team on behalf of the others.

If you would like to be placed on a team that your friend has already registered with, then
sign up as an individual and then have the Captain of that team send Game On an e-mail, at
info@gameonguelph.ca, with this request.

If your friend has already registered as an Individual or Small Group, simply register as an
Individual and make a note on the registration form as to the name(s) of your friend(s) and
we will be sure to accommodate your request.

If you know exactly what sport you want to play, then find it in the drop-down menu under
the “Sports” tab or click on “Registration”. This will take you into the registration forms, which
can be filled out and sent in the mail. Alternatively you may register using our online
registration forms. Please remember that you will only be considered registered once full
payment has been received and the registration form is filled out in its entirety.

Simply click on the “Register Now” button located on the main page or click on the sport you are interested in and select to sign up as a team. Fill in the Team Registration form with all the information requested. Enter a list of your team roster in the space provided. Ensure the registration form is complete and remember to make sure that you have given consideration to the female to male ratio (if applicable to your sport).

Mail a cheque for the full amount, or pay electronically. Once payment has been received by
Game On you will receive notification.

Throughout the year, Game On sends notifications to its participants regarding:
 Schedule changes and cancellations
 Promotional updates
 League updates
 Upcoming season registration information
No information about Game On’s participants is ever sold or shared to a third party.

Yes. Due to our insurance guidelines, you must be 15 years of age to participate in our
leagues. Anyone aged 15-17 years old requires a parent/guardian to co-sign the Waiver Form.

No problem. All teams should have enough players to allow for a few absences every week. It
is very important that you coordinate this information with your captain so you will have
enough players to field a team every week. In the event that you do not have enough players, it will be recorded as a default. Players that do attend will still have the opportunity to use the facilities for practice if they chose to.

If you registered as a team then we will notify the main registrant of the team once we have
received full payment.

Approximately 2-3 days before the leagues starts we will email out information to all
participants, whose email addresses we have on file for that league, regarding the league
specifics. If your captain elected not to share everyone’s email address then expect our
message to be forwarded on by them.

If you registered as an Individual or as a Small Group then we will notify you once we have
received both your registration form & registration fees. Also, approximately 2-3 days before the regular season starts we will inform you whether or not we were successful in pulling a team together for you. We will notify those on the team and will send each of you the contact details of your other teammates.

Whether you have registered as a Team or as an Individual/Small Group, if you have not been
contacted by your captain within five calendar days of the league starting date, please contact Game On at info@gameonguelph.ca and we will assist you.

On occasion there may be spots available for teams and/or individuals. Please contact us at
info@gameonguelph.ca and we will be more than happy to help you out. If the sport you want is not available then we will look to accommodate you in another sport or put you on a waiting list for next season.

We will contact you by e-mail approximately 2-3 days before the season starts to notify you of
which team you are on. At this point we will also e-mail you a schedule.

Unfortunately there are times when we are forced to change schedules due to schools or fields being unavailable on certain nights. While we will provide you with such changes/cancellations as we hear of them, there may be times when as little as one day’s notice is provided. We ask that you please bear with us as we have no control over these changes.

When these circumstances arise and force us to change a schedule, we will make every effort to personally contact all of those players affected by this change with as much notice as possible. This is why it is very important to have all information on the Registration Forms
clear and accurate.

Copies of the Waiver and Release Form will be available through the captain of your team and on the website www.gameonguelph.ca. Every participant registered must sign the Waiver and Release Form before playing. No participant will be allowed to play, regardless of whether they have paid their league fees, until the Waiver and Release Form is signed.

Any new players added to your team after you have registered must be notified to Game On
and those players must also sign a Waiver and Release Form before being permitted to play.

We understand that there will be times throughout the year where a player, or players, is
unable to play due to scheduling conflicts. In an effort to prevent defaults from happening,
and from allowing your opponents to play their game as well, we will allow substitute players.
However, for a substitute player to be considered, they must:
 Be aware of the rules and must abide by them.
 Sign our waiver before playing. There will be extra waiver forms that the game official
or game convener will have.

You are also allowed to borrow players from a team that has just played or any player who is
registered with Game On. However, you are only allowed to bring enough substitutes, or borrow enough players, to reach the minimum requirements to play to avoid default. The male/female ratio must still be met. The same rules above apply to any playoff games.

Games are played rain or shine so we ask that everyone show up to their respective games.
Provided that the owner/lessor of the premise we are using does not cancel due to the
weather and concern of damage to their facilities the game will be played. That being said, if
Game On, the game official or the game convener deem the fields unsafe to play on then the games will be called off. The game official or game convener has the last word and their
decision must be respected by all players.

Inclement weather can occur and is beyond our control. Refunds will not be issued due to
cancellations occurring because of inclement weather or other unforeseeable reason. Game On will make every attempt possible to re-schedule the cancelled games. If re-scheduling is
successful we will make every possible attempt to notify those affected players with as much
notice as possible. Please bear in mind that a re-scheduled game may take place at a different location, a different time, and even a different day then your normal league schedule. If a make-up game cannot be arranged then those cancelled games will be treated as ties and will be scored accordingly.

Game On does have a Lightning Policy in place. Should there be thunder and lightning before the game, we will wait up to 20 minutes. If it still has not cleared up by then, the game will be cancelled and each team will receive points according to rules of their sport. The game convener or game official will have the last word in making this decision.

If you are playing and thunder and lightning occurs, games will be stopped immediately and
we will wait up to 20 minutes to see if it clears. If the storm has not passed we will cancel the
game and scoring will follow the rules of your sport.  If thunder and lightning occurs during your game, if you have not reached the half-way point of your game, and if your game is cancelled, the score will be listed as a tie. If you have reached the halfway point and then the game gets cancelled, the team who is winning at that point will be the declared the winner.

If a rainout occurs then you will not play your regularly scheduled game that week. Your
schedule will remain unchanged for the weeks still left in the league. That being said, should
Game On be able to secure facilities for any make-up games, then those will be handled
simply as make-up games and will not affect the balance of the schedule.

If a school is closed during the day due to inclement weather, or some other reason, then no
games will be played at night. This is a Board decision that we must abide by. No refunds will
be issued for games that are cancelled, as this is out of our control and we are still charged
our fees. That being said, Game On will make every attempt possible to re-schedule games
for you. Please bear in mind that those games which are re-scheduled may take place on a
night that is not your regular night of play.

After two defaults your team will receive a warning. The third default is an automatic ejection
from the league without a refund. Other teams are relying on your participation to make their leagues fun, so please be considerate of this.

Unfortunately, defaults are out of our control. We are unable to issue refunds for games that
have not been played due to defaults and cannot re-schedule games because of it. The
defaulted team will be contacted and given a warning and automatically loses their game. As the facilities are already booked, those teams without opponents are more than welcome to practice during their scheduled game time.

Should a team know in advance that they will default a game, due to an illness that has
stricken the team for example, then Game On will reach out to the other team notifying them of the default game. The non-defaulting team may still come out to play amongst each other for fun.

No, we cannot. As part of our privacy commitment to our participants, we will not forward
contact details of any member. Our suggestion would be to request their contact details from them the next time you meet them on the field but under no circumstances will we release any contact details about any of our members to anyone.

Yes. Our website has information on all of our sports, including schedules, maps to fields,
rules, fees and standings. Click on the specific sport you are interested in and you will find all
the information that you are looking for. Should you be unable to find the information you
were looking for then feel free to e-mail us at info@gameonguelph.ca and we will help you
with your questions.

You have the option to re-register for the next season. Current teams will get advance notice
so they can register early and save their spot. However, a new season provides an equal
opportunity for new players and teams to get into the leagues.