At Game On you may register to play as an Individual, as a Small Group, or as a Team.  Simply select the season in which you want to play, select the registration form that is appropriate to you, and fill out the form in its entirety.

Spaces are limited so registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  All registrations require accompanying payment. Please do not wait until the registration deadline to register as leagues may become full prior to this date.

If you sign up as an Individual or a Small Group, we will make every effort to put you on a team with other Individual or Small Group registrants.  Once a team has been created, we will be sure to let you know.

Summer registration is now open!

We are pleased to announce that our summer registration forms are now open.  Our summer sports leagues, along with the registration forms, may be found below. 

Summer 2022 Leagues

Registration deadline dates are the final date that registrations, for that league, may be accepted.  Please note that space is limited in each league and leagues may become full prior to these dates.  Register early to not miss out!

Sport Day of the Week Registration Fees Registration Deadline
3-Pitch Softball
Wednesday (with overflow games on Tuesday)
$600/Team, $70/Individual
July 23
Ball Hockey
Wednesday (Co-ed Intermediate)
$850/Team, $100/Individual
July 15
Flag Football
$420/Team, $60/Individual
July 15
Soccer 7 vs 7: Intermediate & Recreational Leagues
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
$400/Team, $50/Individual
July 17
Soccer 11 vs 11: Recreational Leagues
$1,500/Team, $100/Individual
August 3
Volleyball 4 vs 4 Intermediate
$290/Team, $60/Individual
July 15
Volleyball 6 vs 6 Intermediate
Sunday, Wednesday
$375/Team, $55/Individual
July 15
Volleyball 6 vs 6 Recreational
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
$375/Team, $55/Individual
July 15 (Sunday league - July 21)

Registration Forms

Payment Details

Game On accepts electronic payments including Interac Email Transfers (E-Transfer) and PayPal as forms of payment. Simply fill out your registration form and make your Interac Email Transfer or Paypal payment to Be sure to include our name, Game On Sports, on all internet payments and please don’t forget to email us your question and answer if paying by E-Transfer. We also accept cash and cheques, made payable to “Game On Sports & Entertainment”, as other forms of payment. For information about Game On’s Refund Policy, please visit our FAQ section. We thank you for your interest in registering and we look forward to having you join us!