Game On offers the greatest variety of sports in the Guelph, Cambridge, and K-W area, catering to all levels of skill. These sports are offered throughout the year to encourage participants to remain active all year round. The list below outlines the sports that Game On currently offers, including the seasons that they are offered. To learn more information about a particular sport we encourage you to select that sport from the list below.

Sport Winter Spring Summer Fall
3-Pitch Softball
Ball Hockey
Flag Football
Ice Hockey
Soccer 5 vs 5 Indoor
Soccer 7 vs 7 Outdoor
Soccer 11 vs 11 Outdoor
Volleyball 4 vs 4
Volleyball 6 vs 6

3-Pitch Softball

Game On is pleased to be offering co-ed 3-Pitch Softball as a part of its sports line-up for the spring & summer seasons.  Predominantly played on Wednesday nights with overflow games on Tuesdays.

Eight (8) players minimum to a recommended fourteen (14) players per team.


Our half-court league, played on Tuesday nights, consists of 4 players on the court at all times, of which 2 must be male players and 2 must be female players. Every team plays 2 x 25-minute halves each night. 

Eight (8) players minimum to a recommended fourteen (14) players per team.


If you know how to dodge, duck, dip and dive, then dodgeball is the perfect sport for you.  Our co-ed recreational league is played on Friday nights in a 6 vs  6 format.

Six (6) players minimum to a recommended ten (10) players per team.

Flag Football

Come sprint, juke, and side-step all the way to the end zone to score a TOUCHDOWN!!  Game On’s co-ed recreational 5 vs 5  league is played on Monday nights during the spring & summer seasons and Sunday afternoons in the fall.

Five (5) players minimum to a recommended ten (10) players per team.


Ball hockey is available during the spring, summer, and fall months with ice hockey being available during the winter months. All leagues are offered at an open-air facility and are played 6-a-side and are non-contact in nature.

Five (5) players minimum to a recommended twelve (12) players per team.


Game On offers 5 vs 5, 7 vs 7, and 11 vs 11 format co-ed recreational and intermediate soccer leagues in Guelph.  Both indoor & outdoor leagues are available throughout the year.

Nights available depend on the season.   

League recommended roster sizes vary by league.



Our volleyball leagues are offered 5 seasons each year and on most nights.  We offer 4 vs 4 format (intermediate) and 6 vs 6 format (available in recreational, intermediate, and competitive levels).  All leagues are co-ed in nature.

Four (4) players to a maximum of six (6) players are recommended for 4 vs 4 leagues while six (players) minimum to a maximum of eight (8) players recommended for 6 vs 6 leagues.